In addition to the information available on this site, Huny Suckle also offers:

  • Breastfeeding support in the form of prenatal breastfeeding classes as well as free phone consultations, and postnatal hospital and home visits (at a fee).
  • Newborn care support
  • Consultations on introduction of solids and complementary feeding
  • Infant massage classes for parents/caregivers


Holding massage doll (1)-1
Josie holding Toto, her demonstration doll


Support and classes are facilitated by Josephine (Josie) Karoki, who is a:

Certified Infant and Young Child Feeding Counsellor (MoH-Kenya)

Lactation Educator (Lamaze International)

Certified Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM)

La Leche League Leader (LLLSA)